"The ultimate test of any advisory intervention is whether one can draw a causal relationship between the intervention and a favorable result. That the advisor happened to have been intelligent, personable, engaged, and insightful is always desirable but, alas, secondary. Our family's experience with David Paradise fulfilled all parameters of success - both primary and secondary. Offering our advise to others: follow David's sage advice. The odds will favor success." Carol and Marc Bard, former Clients

Reflections On Having a Mentor -- "With my last promotion, I had occasion to reflect on my career and on my personal life. It occurred to me that there was one person who had contributed to my success and to my personal growth - a mentor - and that person was Dr. David Paradise.
I think it speaks to the fact that you are the best coach I've worked with. It probably also speaks to how I now feel about myself - that I deserve the best, my time is valuable, and an hour with you is worth several with a less skilled mentor.

Although it was very difficult and painful, I'm glad you persisted in encouraging me to have a meeting with my parents, to have them as 'illuminators'. Professionally, it helped me to see the individual in a larger context. My parents shared information that I'd never heard before. It helped to understand them better.

You accepted me where I was, instilled hope in me that I could change, and were there (and still are) all along the rocky road.
Thank you!"

At CSMi two brothers/business partners were unable to work well as a team. Their communication and decision-making process had become less effective, negatively impacting both their personal relationship and the business performance. "Using the skills and methods David taught us, in a relatively short period of time, we were able to again work effectively as a team. These changes help drive the overall company performance and our job satisfaction. We owe David much more than we paid him." - Rich and Rob Potash, Co-Owners

David engaged with Dan Wyner, the ownership group, and the management team: “Dr. Paradise has been the guiding light to Shawmut Mills in establishing effective communication and decision-making for our management team. His insights on how to overcome our disputes and lead more productively were immeasurable.” - Dan Wyner, former President of Shawmut Mills, West Bridgewater, MA, and current CEO of G-Form, a rapidly growing Rhode Island based manufacturer of high-tech products.

At Gray, Gray & Gray, David facilitated partner meetings that promoted more effective partner behaviors: “David Paradise’s clear and decisive models of communication are an asset to any professional firm and family business. Along with his advice on how to be proactive in addressing internal human resources, he has been of great value to us.” - John Nardozzi, former Partner at Gray, Gray & Gray LLP

At Dorian Color Lab David assisted owners with shareholder behaviors: “Dr. David Paradise helped us sort out the processes needed to run our business and helped us to discuss effectively our relationships. An important facet of the work was to show us how to make the necessary structural changes in our business to blend our different temperaments and goals, and provide a work environment that is healthier and more satisfying. Our bottom line continues to grow in a very healthy way as a result.” - Dorian Color Labs, Owner

During a challenging business evolution, “David Paradise of Family Business Resource Center’s perceptive understanding of our underlying issues helped us create a new model which we could use to effectively lead our professional staff.”- Channel Fish, Owner

David is perceived by clients as

  • Results-oriented and Effective

  • Thoughtful and Caring

  • Diligent